A Modest Proposal: The AL East

By Spencer Bowen

Perhaps more than any other sport, a baseball fan’s emotional connection to their team is tied up in the club’s look. Maybe it’s because the season is so long. Maybe it’s because wearing a baseball jersey in day-to-day life is considerably more normal-looking than rocking any other of the major sports’ tops.

Loving your team’s look (in any sport) and arguing passionately in its favor is a tradition unlike any other (The Masters on CBS!). But no uniform is perfect. Luckily, your favorite low-level sports blogger is here to point out each team’s most pressing athletic aesthetic issue.

No full-scale redesigns. Only one modest tweak per team. Let’s go.

AL East


The Baltimore Orioles have one of the most underrated sets in the game. The colors pop, the goofy bird is awesome, and the sleeve patch features just enough (not too much) state pride. The Orioles’ problem is staring them in the face: eliminate the apostrophe catastrophe on the alternate black hat. That apostrophe is upside down! Why is it upside down?!? This makes no sense!!!



The Tampa Bay Rays (not Devil Rays) have settled into a remarkably unspectacular uniform rotation after cycling through previous looks that ranged from pretty awful to kinda nice. Navy blue is an overused color in the majors, so I say that Tampa Bay makes their standard home cap baby blue instead of dark blue! Baby blue is a gorgeous sports color and it harkens back to the days of light blue away uniforms in baseball. If the Rays won’t switch to their “fauxback” uniforms on a full-time basis, then count me in for a light blue cap at home.



The Boston Red Sox have a simple task: Stop wearing the red tops. They’re awful and garish. When your normal uniforms are so pretty, don’t try too hard. Just go out there and don’t try to wear blue socks when your literal, actual team name is – wait, they tried that? They tried that. Moral of the story: stop going full-tomato.



The New York Yankees probably wear the best home uniform in the game (I think the Dodgers and the A’s have an argument, too). The away uniform is kind of boring, but hey. The Yanks should add an alternate away uniform – specifically, this one. Wear it on Sundays on the road as a throwback and don’t think twice.



Another team plagued by basic uniform error: the Toronto Blue Jays. Their normal unis (even the too-frequently worn blue top) are modern classics, a great mix of old and new. However, the newly-unveiled Canada pride uniform is… not good. I get that they are playing to the colors of the flag, but these are the Blue Jays. Why must the entire thing be red? Tone it back, go with red script on a white top, and call it a day. It doesn’t make you any less Canadian to look sharp instead of garish – in fact, I’d say looking sharp is basically peak Canadian.


  • Next: the AL Central.

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