A Modest Proposal: The AL Central

By Spencer Bowen

To take a look at the AL East, click here. Remember, no full-scale redesigns. Only one modest tweak per team.

AL Central


The Detroit Mr. Kate Uptons Tigers sport a home uniform too classy to change (although the script “Tigers” word mark could be the centerpiece of a cool alternate). Tragically, the road uniform does not live up to the home whites. Detroit should eliminate the white trim on the road numbers and lettering. The trim looks cheap, like they forgot to cut off excess twill or they are playing with iron-on numbers and graphics. Stick to the navy blue and orange.


ALDS Astros Royals Baseball

The Kansas City Royals used to be egregious black trim offenders but have since evolved into a nice five-uniform set: white, white with gold, road greys, light blue and royal blue. The royal blue tops aren’t awful but they wear them too much, especially when the light blue is approximately 300 times better. I say keep the borderline-silly three alternate unis and make an addition that is already part of their uniform program. Kansas City should add the “crowned KC” spring training cap to the rotation, paired with their home white uniforms on weekend day games. That’s an awesome hat that shouldn’t be confined to the Cactus League.



Cleveland has lots of aesthetic issues, but any discussion of last year’s AL pennant winners begins and ends with their (technically secondary) logo. Cleveland must eliminate Chief Wahoo. The issues with a baseball club using that logo paired with that nickname deserve a longer, more thoughtful post, and the block C logo is criminally boring, but it’s better than a racist cartoon character.


Despite the etymological inconsistency of a team called the White Sox wearing black socks (this can be addressed with widespread stirrup usage, but I digress), Chicago could make a relatively minor tweak and up their uniform game considerably. The Sox should change their cap and chest insignia to 1912 version of “Sox.” The current “Sox” wobbles as if it’s strangely off balance, with an S that trails down and left into nothingness and an “x” that shares no angles with either of the other two letters. The White Sox have a rich, sometimes zany, uniform history that smacks of untapped potential. This is a no-brainer.


Kansas City Royals v Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins wear an awful red alternate, a throwback that’s nicer than the normal home whites, and an overused navy blue alternate. But Minnesota’s most galling offense remains not showing off one of the coolest logos in all of sports. The Twins should slap the Minnie and Paul patch on all the uniforms. Right now it’s on the home whites, the alternate throwback creams, and the eye-searing reds. Why not replace the boring roundel currently gracing the navy top and the road greys with a storied, handsome, quirky logo?


  • Next up: The AL West

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