Fantasy Football Roundtable

By Tyler Chuck and Spencer Bowen

It’s fantasy football playoff season, a time of joy and wonder and getting wrecked by Antonio Brown. Two of Antland’s most devoted fantasy owners put their heads together to answer the most pressing questions on our own minds.

What’s the worst trade you’ve ever made?

Spencer: I once traded three players for Darren Sproles at his awesome 2011-ish peak. 15 minutes after the trade was finalized, Sproles broke his hand.


Which player will you never draft for no rational reason?

Spencer: Russell Wilson. I know he’s a great guy and I know he’s married to Ciara and I know he’s a pretty good fantasy player, but I just can’t do it. I cannot root for the Pete Carroll to succeed.


Which player will you always draft for no rational reason?

Tyler: For some reason, I always find myself drafting Mason Crosby.  Maybe I want to root for the Packers.  Maybe he’s become a familiar kicker.  Maybe I still remember him as the “next big thing” coming out of Colorado when some ESPN pundit said he’d be good.  But in reality, the dude is an average fantasy kicker that somehow always finds his way onto my team.


Devastating fantasy injury stories?

Tyler: 2017. Deshaun Watson. Still so fresh in my mind.  But honestly, I remember when Steven Jackson got injured in 2008 toward the end of the year. Killed my chances going into the playoffs.

Spencer. Jordy Nelson’s big knee injury two years ago. He’s never been the same.


Best fantasy team name you’ve ever seen?

Spencer: My league’s beloved commissioner and two-time champion has been rolling with “Tight Ends and Big TDs” for six years.

Tyler: I loved a team named the “Forte Year Old Virgin” a couple of years back.


Worst fantasy team name you’ve ever seen?

Spencer: “America’s Team.” C’mon.

Tyler: “Theo Riddickly Should Win”


What’s the worst fantasy punishment you’ve heard of?

Spencer: I know a league where the last place finisher has to take the SAT. There’s probably nothing worse than spending money to take a test you haven’t even thought about in over a decade. The more I think about this punishment, the more its cruelty makes me chuckle.



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