The Bay: Fit For A King

By: Tyler Chuck

While his announcement is probably just a move to attempt to create dissent in the Bay, if LeBron is serious about joining the Warriors, they should absolutely listen.  After three finals runs against the Dubs, LeBron has become a villain as the best player on Warriors Finals opponent.  But he’s a good guy.  He cares about social justice.  He loves his kids.  And he’s pretty dang amazing at basketball.

LeBron has been the best player of our generation and plays a style of basketball that can fit with the ball movement offense the Warriors run.  He has amazing court vision.  His outside shot has improved with age.  He makes others around him better.  At least for the next two years, the Warriors would a better team with LeBron.  And dang, it’d be fun to watch.

By acquiring LeBron, the Warriors would not only improve, they also take out whatever team would be their likely greatest competition.  If LeBron were to join the Rockets, Sixers, or Spurs, each of those teams would become a serious threat to the Warriors NBA dominance.  By getting LeBron, that issue goes away.

For both the Warriors and LeBron, this would initially be a public relations disaster, but they’ve both dealt with a selfish/bad look before (leaving for Miami/Durant).  They could deal with this one too.  While Warrior fans might be initially upset, winning would make life much better, not to mention the beautiful new Chase Center opening in 2019.  For LeBron, he could increase his title count and repair his Finals W-L record.  People in America are pretty forgiving when you give them enough time.

The trade that makes the most sense to me is moving Draymond, Igoudala, Nick Young, and two future 1st round picks for LeBron (and toss in a couple of players that might want to leave) before the February 8th trade deadline. This provides LeBron a path to his 8th straight finals and gives the Cavs a chance to rebuild with a defensive oriented team centered around Saginaw Star Draymond Green.  If LeBron wants to go to Golden State and Cleveland realizes they need to rebuild, why not pull the trigger now?  Who says no?


Cover Photo via CBS


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