New Jags Uniforms: A Reasoned Discussion

By Spencer Bowen

Yes, the Dolphins also unveiled new uniforms. Their changes are more accurately described as “tweaks,” but at least we got this snazzy website out of it. Overall, Miami looks better but still not amazing. B+.

Now, on to the main course. Once again, I’ll be using “good,” “stupid,” or “push.”


jags helmet

Literally nowhere to go but up. These (surprisingly) simple glossy black lids replace an outgoing design generously described as the worst in NFL history. I could’ve gone for a return to their “it’s-black-but-wait-it’s-a-little-bit-teal-too!” helmet from the Maurice Jones-Drew era, but this is perfectly respectable. Good.



Snooze fest. First mistake: the Jags are sticking with black as their primary uniform top, meaning we only get to see the teal unis twice a year per the NFL’s byzantine wardrobe rules. Second mistake: the classic uniform overreaction. In improving upon one of the busier uniforms in the league, Jacksonville went overboard and settled on boring. The font is fine – good, even, given the track record of teams redoing their font in the Nike era – but they’ve abandoned all trim and with it any hint of gold. The gold provided a nice warm balance to the cool teal and gave the whole uniform a sense of regality. Plus, jaguars are, you know, FREAKING GOLD. With thanks to a random Twitter dude I found (shout out to @rcb05), check out how much better these would look with a hint of gold trim (and changing the road numbers from black to teal):

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 5.45.14 PM

Really ties it all back to their primary logo (WHICH IS MOSTLY GOLD), no? Sigh.

I always kind of liked the pointy collar trim on their old set, and I’m glad they kept it. Without a doubt, this whole enterprise is addition by subtraction, but the wasted opportunity to do something good instead of just better makes it a push.



There! Do ya see it? Just above the back of the knee, where all good trim and striping goes! In case you missed it, it’s a black stripe in the picture above. The Jags went aggressively simple on the pants, with a hint of lower hamstring (?) striping just to add some spice. I applaud the move away from the parallelogram Nike-ized monstrosity of last year, but c’mon. This is stupid.



The loss of sock striping is one of the great national tragedies of our time. Many teams (cough, Niners and cough, Packers) should return to their glorious stripes of yore, while some teams must resist the temptation to ever change (keep at it, Bears!). I love that the Jags added a splash of teal on their official socks. It’s the only part of this uniform that actually got me excited. Good job, Tom Coughlin.

Here’s a link to another really good take on these unis. Enjoy the NFL Draft.


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