October 30th, 2015: Grantland, our favorite sports and pop-culture blog started by Bill Simmons, was suspended by ESPN.  This news was both disappointing and depressing for us.  It felt like a one-sided bad breakup.  We needed to act, so we started Antland.
Our goal at Antland is to pay tribute to Grantland by filling the void left in its wake.  We will provide candid analysis, non-definitive rankings, and fresh angles.  We’ll only write on what we find interesting.  We don’t want to waste your time.

Our staff consists of young, working professionals with day jobs.  We are not members of the media, but passionate fans that care a bit too much about sports and pop-culture.  We hope that you enjoy reading.  To join our team or for suggestions, email antlandsports@gmail.com.