Mark’s Marshawn Problem

By Spencer Bowen I’m ecstatic that East Bay native and former Cal Bear Marshawn Lynch pulled a Brett Favre and unretired to join his hometown Raiders. Community-wise, it’s great. Marshawn really, really loves his “town bidness” and constantly invests time and money and turkeys into Oakland. Football-wise, it’s great. Marshawn fills a power back hole…

It’s Not Okay

By: Tyler Chuck and Spencer Bowen Famous people live their lives in the public eye.  Their actions can be seen on television, are reported in the media, and discussed vigorously.  The spotlight is great when famous people are role models like Stephen Curry, Bono, or Emma Watson, yet not all public figures are outstanding citizens….

NFL Mock Draft Haikus

By Spencer Bowen I’ll never top the Hamildraft. But here are some soothing haikus to help you through what promises to be a very unpredictable first round. Browns: Myles Garrett If you have the chance To draft young DeMarcus Ware You shouldn’t miss it   49ers: Jamal Adams A boatload of needs We will be bad…

Don’t Blame Libby

By: Tyler Chuck Today is a sad day for the City of Oakland.  With the news that the Oakland Raiders will relocate to Las Vegas after a near unanimous 31-1 vote (thanks to Miami for holding out), the East Bay is in a state of shocked finality.  The saga is over.  The Raiders are leaving….

Roundtable Discussion on John Lynch & Kyle Shanahan

First things first.  Please marvel at Leah Lynch’s comments, dictated through her father: “They were shocked but they took it really well. My 9-year-old started bawlin’ and she’s not that girl. She’s the one that was always happy, and she was crying, and I said, ‘What’s wrong Leah? Is there some nervous anxiety about moving?’…

NFL QBs meet Lord of the Rings

By Spencer Bowen The most intriguing NFL conference championship weekend in many moons owes a lot to the four quarterbacks at play tomorrow afternoon. All four are firmly in the “you don’t want to play them” category for their own reasons. It could be an epic weekend, so what better way to analyze the four remaining QBs with a…

May The “4ce” be With Him

By: Tyler Chuck The pain.  The agony.  The silence.  We all saw Derek Carr’s broken fibula, ending his 2016 season.  When it happened, you realized that it couldn’t have happened to a better guy, a better story, or a player you were more excited to see in the playoffs.  Yet somehow, Derek has maintained a…

The Sports Connection: Kap

By Spencer Bowen As I watched Blaine Gabbert check down to a four yard completion on 3rd and 8 this afternoon, my mind started to wander to his excellently-coiffed backup. Colin Kaepernick remains one of football’s most recognizable names. Kap is now a national figure for what some might call reasons entirely distinct from sports….

NFL Mock Draft Meets “Hamilton”

By Spencer Bowen Welcome to the Antland NFL Mock Draft. It brings everything you look for in thoughtful sports writing: it’s almost certain to be incorrect and is of an unsatisfying length (only ten picks). In addition, I’ve taken two of my favorite things – sports and musical theatre – and created a Glee-esque mashup….

The Bottom 10: All Star Game Jerseys and the Players Who Wore Them

By Josh Schiesl All-Star Games are supposed to be an outlet for showcasing the league’s most skillful players but there has been an unfortunate hilarious trend in online fan voting over the last few years where the completely wrong players are either being chosen as starters or close to chosen as starters. Major League Baseball…

Roundtable Discussion on Chip Kelly

On January 14th, 2016, Chip Kelly was hired as Niners head coach.  But is this good news?  We discuss. What do you like about the Chip Kelly hire? Chuck: I love that the Chip Kelly hire represents hope.  As a fan, you’ve got to love Chip’s passion for the game.  He wants to win, badly….

New Year’s Resolutions

By: Tyler Chuck It’s that time of the year where people make a pledge to try something new. Popular resolutions include eating healthy, working out, reading, and saving money. Bleh. I prefer taking a minor league baseball road trip, leaving bad relationship behind, and trying the all bacon diet. Yum. You gotta live a little….