Spencer Bowen, co-founder, writer


Spencer is a Davis, CA native with a love of public speaking, dancing, and making mean fried egg sandwiches.

The Giants, Niners, Sharks, Warriors, and his beloved Cal Bears occupy most of his memory with useless information, like final scores of Cal Football games in 2006.

Spencer is the Cal Men’s Basketball public address announcer and works in city and state government in the Sacramento area.

Tyler Chuck, co-founder, writer


Tyler is an optimist.  There is no obstacle that cannot be overcome.  This quality was built while growing to love Bay Area teams: Warriors, Niners, and Giants.

Tyler also loves music.  He has worked on the production team for large music festivals and DJs weddings and sporting events, including a BCS National Championship Game.  After teaching high school for a number of years, Tyler now works at an education nonprofit.

Rosemary Schandelmier, writer

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 10.34.42 PMRosemary is from Vallejo, California where her love for the Bay Area and its teams flourished. She supports the Giants, Forty-Niners, Warriors, and California Golden Bears.

Rosemary’s non-sports passions include dancing ballet, listening to Beyoncé, and befriending as many dogs as possible. She currently works as an operations assistant at Hello Fresh in Richmond, California.

Sam Seider, writer

2015-08-04 19.32.24Sam grew up just south of the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field in Jackson, Wisconsin. A graduated Badger, Sam embarked on a journey teaching high school science for 3 years, but he soon realized his true calling was watching sports- particularly Pro Football & Hoops. Lacking phenomenal athletic achievement, Sam came to appreciate greatness from the television. Trained with a scientific mind, and a statistical prowess, he represents the gambler’s greatest friend on Antland. Open to feedback on his picks, please comment unless you think he’s wrong.

Casey Berkovitz, writer278016_10150979374499221_1743656404_o

Casey is a Southern California native, LA evangelizer, and a Dodgers, Lakers, and Kings true believer. He welcomes your hate mail and is more than happy to yell about sports and politics as long as there is a drink nearby. After attending Cal and working in San Francisco, Casey is now living in Los Angeles and trying to make the world a better place. Go Bears.


Caitlin Glassman, writer

Caitlin grew up in Davis, California and was raised on a steady diet of Broadwaymusicals, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and David Sedaris essays. She is a

pop culture enthusiast whose favorite sporting event is the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Caitlin has a degree in English Literature from UC Davis. She recently moved to New York City, where she writes novels and spends exorbitant amounts of money on Seamless food delivery.

Forrest Durell, writer

steppin outIn 22 years Forrest has cried tears of joy and sadness, watched all-time greats do amazing things and watched the rebirth of a dynasty go to shambles.

Aside from having an eclectic group of favorite teams, Forrest listens to a lot of music. When he’s not taking selfie’s with his Boogie Fathead,  he’s probably at a show. Forrest is now working in New York City at YouTube (via Vaco).

Jon Weiner, writer
young_co_photo_for_antlandJon is originally from the small town of South Pasadena, CA and is a recent Cal grad. While considering himself a broad sports fan, he has particular affinities for the Lakers, LA Kings, SF Giants, 49ers, Warriors, and his alma mater’s Golden Bears.

Known for frequently spouting random sports stats, Jon embraces the analytics revolution and suggests we all bow down to our new data overlords. He currently works as a research assistant with Cal’s Earth and Planetary Sciences department attempting to save us all from impending climate doom.

Sarah Hoover, writer

sarah antland bioSarah’s sports fandom is all over the map, from her hometown ASU Sun Devils to her maternal grandfather’s beloved Green Bay Packers. Raised on baseball, but with no professional team in Arizona, she was hungry to adopt a local team when she moved to Davis, CA in 1999. She encountered the Orange & Black and never looked back. She spends the offseason distracting herself with every other sport possible, counting down the days until the Giants return to Scottsdale each spring.

A 2012 UC Davis grad, Sarah has worked for the Cal Aggie Alumni Association and for Capital Public Radio, and now works in Events and Entertainment for the Sacramento River Cats. She is currently applying to graduate programs in Sports Management, and hopes to make a career in sports marketing and community relations.

Josh Schiesl, writer, artist extraordinaire

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 9.59.33 PM.pngJosh Schiesl studied Mechanical Engineering at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, then moved to the good old city of Pleasanton where he lives with his wife and daughter and works as a Project Manager. Josh originally hails from Iowa, where he used to eat his weight in corn every day and religiously followed the Cubs, Blackhawks, Bears, and Hawkeyes. As a Chicago sports fan he knows the pain of loss but forever keeps hope in “next year.” He is also a recent self-ascribed Warriors fan and it has nothing to do with their 22 game (and counting at this time) win streak.


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